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Father's Day Activities

father and son on Father's DayThis year Father's Day is June 15th 2008. It is a special day to let Dad know you love him. Not quite sure how to do that?  Here are some ideas for activities with Dad to get you started thinking.

Want to learn about how did Father's Day Start?  Looking for some ideas for Father's Day gifts kids can make?  You can even find ideas for children who can't be with Dad on Father's Day.

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What are you giving Dad for Father's Day this year?  Looking for something more interesting than socks, golf balls, or a shirt?  You can give him one share in his favorite company.  It could be Harley-Davidson, McDonald's, DreamWorks or even Microsoft.

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What do you do on Father's Day?

Families have their own traditions for Father's Day.  In many families, the children will prepare breakfast in bed for Dad.  Other families will encourage Dad to spend the day golfing with his own father.  Often the children will buy or make a gift for Dad.  It really doesn't matter how you celebrate Father's Day, just do something to make your Father feel special.

  1. Homemade Card - A handmade card or note from the heart speaks more of your feelings than the store bought variety. 
  2. Home cooking or baking - What's Dad's favorite food or meal?  This day is a great opportunity to get the kids involved in learning how to make family favorites.  This tradition keeps recipes alive through the generations.  Surprise him with something new like Cupcake Cones.
  3. Take Dad out for Dinner - Find out what type of food Dad likes, and take him out for dinner.  Did you know that some expensive restaurants have lunch menus that are more affordable?
  4. Create a 'This is your life' Book - interview people who knew your Dad as a child (his mother, brothers, sisters, cousins) and ask them about stories from your Dad's childhood.  It's a great way to learn more about your roots, and create a story album of your Dad's memories.  Try to find photos or pictures of the places in the stories.
  5. Have a Games Day - Get together with a few other families and play games.  Each family could choose their favorite board game to share, or pick an outdoor game everyone can have fun with like soccer or croquet.  Plan a treasure hunt with his Father's Day present at the end of the hunt.
  6. Find out Dad's favorite place and plan a day trip - It could be a local beach, park, or even a sporting event.
  7. Have the kids make him a hat. All you do is get a big sheet of paper, decorate it anyway you like, fold it like a cone and staple. This is not a hat he would wear everyday, but one he can save and wear on occasion.
  8. Gift Certificates - Make book of tickets that Dad can redeem for things he wants.  Ideas include cleaning the garage, mowing the lawn, the last dish of ice cream, back rubs, or even a day to go play golf.
  9. Make a book for dad by drawing the pictures and by writing in it.  Making a book about some one they love can be very special to both of them!  (This idea is from 10 year old Elena)

Remember, it's not the price or quality of the stuff you give him or prepare for him, but it's the love, care and respect you attach with them, makes him the happiest.


Let us know if you have any activities ideas that children and their Fathers.  We'll share them with other visitors to our website. Send us a note if you have any questions. send email to Creative Kids at Home



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