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child making sandcastle at a beachGreat ideas for a family day at the beach!

Who doesn't love a day at the beach?  You will find crafts for the beach, unique beach toys, water toys and even an idea to bring the beach to your child.


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Beach Ideas

Looking for a great gift idea.  How about a new set of toys to keep the kids busy at the beach?


You can turn crumbling castles into mighty fortresses - it's easy with the proper tools. Developed by a professional sand sculptor, these award-winning tools (and tips) can be used by both left- and right-handed sand architects.

DVD: How To Build The Perfect Sand Castle



Build a sand castle that lasts - at least long enough for you to finish it! Fill the round or rectangular plastic forms (two sizes of each) in this kit with water, then with sand, fit the forms to the water extractor, pump up and down a few times, and you have a building brick.


Sand Ball and Brick Maker


Bring the Beach to you!

My Little Sandbox - Beach Party

My Little Sandbox - Beach Party

Surf's up! This unique 10 x 10 sandbox is full of summery fun! You'll find a starfish, pail and shovel, beach ball, sun umbrella, beach chair, sandcastle, beach blanket, doggie and beach girl. Plus a rake to have even more fun with all that ultra fine sand. It's a great way for kids to have creative fun, all packed in a neat little box. The My Little Sandbox line features tabletop play sets encouraging creativity, imagination and fun. So dig in!


Crafts for the Beach


DuneCraft Mars Space Sand 1/2 Ib (Red)

DuneCraft Mars Space Sand 1/2 Ib (Red)

This truly is the closest thing to soil from Mars that most of us will ever experience! The soil on Mars is very similar to Space Sand in terms of properties and color. This unbelievable sand will not get wet and can be formed into shapes under water. Remove it from the water with a teaspoon and it instantly turns to completely dry sand! By DuneCraft.


Glass Art 8  Stained Glass Round Sun Dancers

Glass Art 8 Stained Glass Round Sun Dancers

"Sun Dancers Round 8 - Birdhouse & Vine: GlassArt designs give you the look of stained glass without all the work! Just fill the areas on the real glass with stain. The raised outlines on the glass keep the stain where it should be. * All materials are included * Real glass, stain, eyedropper for applying the stain * And finishing items such as printed mats, wire accents, and metal stands. * Finished Size: 8'' (20 cm) Diameter"


Creativity For Kids Beach Beads Kit beach beads kit

Creativity For Kids Beach Beads Kit beach beads kit

Create your own beach bead boutique with an assortment of beads and natural sea shells. Mix and match different shells and beads to create necklaces, bracelets or anklets. Includes an assortment of natural sea shells, Hawaiian flower beads, driftwood beads, iridescent beads, 6 silver barrel clasps, jewelry floss, and instruction/idea sheet.


Unique Beach Toys

icon Open up wonderful new worlds for them to explore. Not only can you solve the big mystery of what lies beneath the surface of the water, you can magnify spiders from a safe distance of 4-5 feet and faraway objects like birds with equal clarity.


SeaScope TM



Water Toys


Turn a hot summer day into a child's delight with the Water Stix. 

Just dip it into a bucket of water (or river, lake or swimming pool), pull back on the plunger to fill, and push to squirt.  This super water squirter has a range of up to 50 feet.  Imagine the possibilities! Made of sturdy plastic to last for years. Foam-covered handle and holder won't let wet hands slip. 


Get your Water Stix now!


Water Craft Jet Ski RC Electric Boat

Water Craft Jet Ski RC Electric Boat

The Water Craft Jet Ski RC Electric Boat comes with a 9V rechargeable battery and charger, you also get a uniquely designed transmitter. The motor and battery hookup are encased inside the plastic hull and can be accessed by a removable roof panel. The Water Craft Jet Ski RC Electric Boat comes ready to run right out of the box and has a top speed of 4.5 mph! The Water Craft Jet Ski RC Electric Boat is a sweet little ride and can reach very high speeds and is a true full function RC boat.


Go for a spin on the water - literally! Climb inside this giant inflated rolling water toy and let a friend roll you all over and around the pool!


Water Roller


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