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Tadpoles Week 2

Our tadpoles arrived about a week ago.  It was fun to get them and release the tadpoles into the aquarium.

We had about 16 in the beginning.  It's hard to say for sure how many have made it through the first week.  There's a lot of plants that they like to swim and float in.  Often I think I see a dead tadpole, and then it suddenly swims away!

tadpole in the aquarium

In the last few days, the most we've seen at the same time is 3.  I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few more hiding in the plants, but I think we've lost quite a few.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure what to do to help the remaining ones to make it.

We've been very careful about any water we've put into the aquarium.  I followed the directions for feeding them boiled lettuce, but they don't seem that interested.  There are lots of plants so they may be eating those.  

Or they could be eating the missing tadpoles!  Everything I've read says they are suppose to be vegetarian at this stage in their development.  They're not suppose to become protein eaters until after they've developed legs.  These guys are still little.  But ....

I'm going to get a fish food was recommended and see what happens.



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