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Childrens Birthday Parties

plan great birthday parties for your children.

I really wanted my children to have great birthday parties.  Not just the kind of party where you spend a lot of money to take them some place, but the kind of party that will create a memory for the rest of their lives.

A child's birthday party should:

  • Involve all the children in the having fun;
  • Be a 'one-of-kind' event so that everyone will remember;
  • Be easy and fun for the adults too; and
  • Be affordable.

I started looking for the perfect, party package.  That's when I found the Birthday Party Games Lady.  These packages include everything a you need to create a fantasy party for your child, including:

  • Themed birthday invitations to get the kids excited;
  • Complete directions for all the games and activities;
  • A schedule if you need help sequencing the events; plus
  • Printable props to make the party special!

You don't even have to wait for everything to arrive in the mail.  Just print it out on your home printer, and the party is ready to start!   Being able to print everything yourself right away, makes preparing for the party much easier!

Your child can pick from five different themes.

Magica Birthday Party Game Magica Birthday Party Game
(An indoor or outdoor party for GIRLS age 10 and 11)

They LOVE to put on little skits for you, so that's what we're going to do with them for this birthday! For 10 children, simple enough that they can manage the job, with a fun plot full of Magical characters they'll enjoy pretending to be. All scripts, prop directions (minimal) included- you just set up the stage and play "Director"- enjoying it all right along with them! (PERFECT for the kids not quite old enough to handle the Medieval Madness Party.)

Survivor Party Survivor Party -  6-8 year olds

No one gets "voted off the island" in this friendly team competition. The party includes a series of fast games.  Each game is built around the Survivor theme where the children use their brains and their imaginations, to do some “yucky stuff” that they love! You choose which of the 13 games to include in the party.  Everything you need for this party is included for all 13 games!

Detective Party Detective Party -  8 - 10 year olds

A Murder-Mystery party that is kid-friendly, age-appropriate and is actually two games in one.  The party starts off with a warm-up "Who Am I?" game. The main event is a riddle form of a Treasure Hunt where the kids puzzle out and search for hidden clues that bring the "ghost" back to life before the end of the party. Everything is written in silly rhyme just to make it more fun. This party package includes everything you need for both games!

Medieval Party Medieval Party - 11 to 13 year olds

A role-playing "Murder-Mystery" party where each guest is given a role ahead of time. The kids come dressed for their part and work with the other guests to achieve certain objectives. The king is murdered during the party (you need an adult male to play this short part), then everyone must identify the murderer using the medieval 'trial by ballot'. You'll be amazed - they all want to be the guilty one! Everything you need for the party is included in the package.

Harry Potter Party Harry Potter Party  -  8 to 11 year olds

The kids have fun being part of the different Hogwart's rituals, scoring points for their house.  They have to take their chances with the Sorting Hat, draw on their knowledge of Harry Potter lore (limited to Book 1 for this age group), make potions and cast spells, and of course, play Quidditch.  At the end of the party, there's a mystery to solve.  Except for some art supplies and a couple of supermarket items (all outlined in the included Supplies List), your Party Package contains everything you need for all the games.

Hosting a kids birthday party has never been so easy.  These parties are:

  • Mess Free -- it's mostly paper;
  • Stress Free -- Order, print and your done;
  • Save time -- very little shopping, just food and a few easy to find supplies;
  • Save more time - prepare in as little as one hour depending on your choices; plus
  • Adjustable for the size of your guest list and space.
BONUS: You don't have to figure out what to buy as party gifts -- it's all taken care of!  Your birthday party plan includes great ideas for themed party gifts instead of the standard "loot bags."


FULL GUARANTEE  --   "If you don't like what you receive, request a refund and your money will be returned, no questions asked. We're that sure you and your children will love it."

Leslie Lyons,  Birthday Party Games Lady


Everyone thinks they will come back and pick their party package just before their child's birthday. But then you have to remember, find the right link, and hope the price hasn't gone up. Don't let this opportunity get away. Order your child's birthday party now and you can both have time for planning even more fun!

Order your Birthday Party Package Now!


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We'd like to create a list of some of the best (or worst) ideas for children's birthday parties.  Send us your stories for our Birthday Party Themes and Ideas page.


Use these ideas to create a wonderful kids birthday party.

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