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Nature Toys and Gifts

gifts for kids who like the natural worldGreat ideas for kids and children who love nature and the great outdoors!

You can find ideas for exploring nature, making crafts with a nature theme, bringing nature into your home, nature toys and even a favorite nature DVD recommendation from my son.

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Exploring Nature!


Find out how birds build nests without hands, hammers or nails? Attach this clear-backed wooden box to your window and you can actually see this phenomenon unfold.

Watch as birds fly in with bits of different material and build their nest; raise their young; and fledge them out - it's an awe-inspiring experience the whole family will enjoy.


Window Nest Box


National Geographic Kids Expedition Pack

National Geographic Kids Expedition Pack

Our adventure kit includes everything young explorers need.  Three-piece adventure set includes an extreme canteen, a survival watch, and a trail light, which gives kids 15 handy functions for the great outdoors.


Nature Activities and Crafts


Creativity For Kids Dazzling Dragonfly Windchimes  Dragonfly Windchimes kit

Creativity For Kids Dazzling Dragonfly Wind Chimes Dragonfly Wind Chimes kit

Create a dazzling accent. Wind chime has one large dragonfly and five smaller ones. You can make designs with five colors of glitter paint. Metal chimes make a lovely sound and can be hung indoors or on a screened-in porch. Recommended for ages 6 and up.



Creativity For Kids Snake Safari  Snake Safari

Snake Safari

Slither and Slide, let your snakes glide. Three snakes to paint--18 in. long, 9 in. long and 5 in. long. Snakes are articulated to curve. Use acrylic paint to paint realistically or form your imagination. Recommended for ages 7 and up.




Nature DVDs


Be the Creature: 4 DVD Set

Be the Creature: 4 DVD Set

From the creators of Emmy Award-winning television, the Kratt Brothers take you on a journey sharing secrets that only animals know.  My son loves watching Chris and Martin living with animals all over the world.



Nature Toys


Remote-controlled Tarantulas

Remote-controlled Tarantulas

Spiders are one of the creepiest crawlers out there, and now you can control one yourself. Because their eight legs move separately, be prepared for screams when one scuttles realistically from beneath the table. These award-winning, remote-controlled tarantulas move like the real thing!


Arctic Tale Jumbo Nature Tube

Arctic Tale Jumbo Nature Tube

Seela and Nanu and 13 of their penguin, fox, seal, and whale friends are ready for you to play out the Arctic Tale adventure with our jumbo collection of figurines. The reusable tube makes it easy to clean up and bring your polar playmates along with you.


Bring Nature into your Home


Carnivorous Creations Plant

Carnivorous Creations Plant

DuneCraft lets you grow your own Carnivorous Creations Plant. Now you can grow over ten varieties of meat-eating plants! Informative booklet explains how each plant devourers their prey! Learn about and watch these fascinating plants grow from seed. Deluxe mixture includes the Cobra Lilly, Venus Fly Trap, Pitcher Plant, Trumpet Plant, Growing Dome, Instructions and information sheet, 3 Carnivorous Photo Decals, 3 Bog Buddies and Planting Mixture.


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