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Sample images. 

All scans done on a HP S20 PhotoSmart slide scanner at 300dpi.  If you want to use any of these images, we can:

  • scan the slide up to 2400 dpi and send it electronically;
  • have the original slide duplicated and send you the copy; or
  • send you the materials for you to photograph.

You have the experience to know if these photos will work for your media.  I am happy to send you samples if you think your own art work would show our products better.  

slide 4282    original

touched up

Sample of finished Christmas Craft Package

slide 4210

Christmas Craft Package

slide 4233

Pipe Cleaner Creations

touched up

slide 4172

Pipe Cleaner Creations 
Craft Package with samples


slide 4364

Making Masks  - October Craft Package

slide 4373

From Internet Explorer you should be able to right click on the slide name and a menu with the option "SAVE TARGET AS" will be displayed which can be used to save the file to your PC.

From Netscape Navigator a right click will display a menu with the option "SAVE LINK AS" will be displayed which can be used to save the file.

Looking for something different?  Please check out our craft projects page.  The photos on that page are web quality rather than print quality.  Please contact us to obtain print quality copies.



Be sure to let us know if you plan on using our images.  Thanks.

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