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It's that time of year again, when the school year is coming to an end. With a bit of help, children can make a great gift for their teacher.

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 Hand Prints to Remembergift for teacher - kids handprint apron closeup

This idea was sent in by Lisa B.

Last year, as a thank you to my son's preschool teacher, I purchased a sleeveless white vest/shirt and some fabric paint. (It was so cheap, I was embarrassed!) Then, I arranged with the teacher's assistant and the younger grade's teacher to use the younger kids' room on a no-class day. 

The assistant teacher brought the kids in to the other room in pairs where we painted their hands and "stamped" them onto the shirt. I then wrote the child's name between the hands, so you could tell whose hands were whose. 

On the back of the shirt, I wrote in large letters "This teacher deserves a pat on the back!" 

After letting the paint THOROUGHLY dry, I presented the shirt to the teacher a couple days before the preschool graduation ceremony. She was extremely impressed.... to the point of TEARS! She wore the shirt ON graduation day and made sure that each child got a thank you from HER for this awesome gift. 

She also mentioned to me that it was SO unique that she was going to recommend it to anyone who asked her for ideas! :)

You can barely see the fingers on her shoulder in this picture, but the handprints were ALL OVER, as there were 16 children in the class.

THIS year, instead of trying to find a shirt, I purchased restaurant aprons from the local wholesale club and did the same thing. The kids' hands have grown so MUCH, though, that I had no room for words on the apron itself! So, on the very top of the apron, I wrote BEST TEACHER across the top edge and HANDS DOWN on the two straps on either side. I included the year, so she'd remember later on, when the kids' faces "run together!"

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