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Memory Jar for a Teacher's Gift

teacher and studentHow do you say thank you for the incredible job your child's teacher has done?  Here's an idea that takes some thinking, which is sure to be appreciated.

This idea to make a teacher's gift was sent in by one of our visitors.  "She absolutely loved it and it still adorns her desk today ".  Find out how to make a memory jar


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Memory Jaritems from a teacher's classroom


Pint Jar
Items to fill the jar (rubber band, clothespin, ...)
Nice fabric to cover the lid


  1. Fill the jar with items from the list below, or create your own list.
  2. Put the lid on the jar.
  3. Cover the lid with fabric tied on by a ribbon.
  4. Make up a card with the list of items, and attach the card to the jar.

teacher fabricYou child will have a unique creation that's sure to be loved by his or her teacher. 

You child will have a unique creation that's sure to be loved by his or her teacher.  


Item List

Start by getting your children to describe what their teacher means to them.  Then think of a small item that will symbolize it.

Rubber Band - "To say thank you for being so flexible. "

Clothes Pin - " To say thank you for hanging in there with me."

Seed - "For teaching us to plant our seeds wisely. "

Screw - "For being understand when I screw up!"

Eraser - "For helping me correct my mistakes."

The list is endless.  Once your child gets the idea, his or her imagination will take over.  

More items for small items toothpick, piece of a ruler, bell, cotton ball, a band-aid, smarties, candle, marble, penny.

How to make your own list

Try listing the 5 things best things about the person or event that you want to make a memory jar for. Then see if you can find something to symbolize each the items on your list.


Use this idea to create a Christmas gift

studen and teacherChoose smaller items and put them inside a clear Christmas ball.  Then your child's teacher will have a special ornament for their Christmas tree.


Thanks to our visitor for sharing idea!


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