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Child Made Gift Ideas For Teachers

It's that time of year again, when the school year is coming to an end. Well don't forget to thank that wonderful Teacher who devoted their year to helping to enrich and broaden your child's mind. These ideas will make finding a teachers gift easy.

Thanks for Helping Plant

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"Thanks For Helping me Grow!" Potted Plant

Our Potted Plant makes a wonderful and heartwarming teacher gift made by a child.

Materials Needed:

Potted Plant
Plastic Card Stake (you get these Free when you buy a plant or flowers)
Cardstock (small sheet, any color)
Clear Contact Paper
Markers and/or Crayons
Small Picture of your Child (a school wallet size picture works Great)

This is a great thank you thank you gift for a teacher and if your child is old enough they can do the work themselves.

  1. Take your cardstock and cut it to the desired size. 2"x3" works great. Using a Black Marker or Crayon in Big lettering write "Thanks For Helping Me Grow." Make sure to leave space to glue on a picture of your child.
  2. If you like, you can decorate the card using crayons or markers. When you are done take your clear contact paper and cut it so that it is slightly larger then the card. Cover the front and back of the card and trim if needed leaving a little overlap.
  3. You can laminate the card instead of using contact paper. Then take the plastic card holder stake (you should be able to get a FREE one where you buy the potted plant, Wal-mart has them) and stick the card in it and stick it into the potted plant. Presto you have a wonderful Gift any Teacher would love!


  • You can also extend this project and decorate the pot the plant comes in.
  • If you don't have a picture of your child. Have them draw one.


Some of our visitors have sent in their own ideas.

"Have your child decorate a plant pot with paint or you can write the teacher name and school year on the pot. Then have your child plant a seedling or small baby plant into it at the beginning of the school year. Have your child water and take care of the plant all year and then present the grown plant in the special pot to the teacher."                  Melanie Wilsie 


"I was looking for an inexpensive teacher gift that was heartfelt and this fit the bill in both respects - thanks so much! We did alter the idea a bit to make it more of a "school" theme. We painted terra- cotta pots with chalkboard paint. Then we attached a string with a piece of chalk tied to the end (we tied ours around the garden stake holding the picture). The girls decorated the outside with chalk but it can be redecorated whenever the teacher feels like it now! "            Libby E.


From Shelly Terrell.

"Use a clean bleach bottle, milk jug, or any kind of plastic jug. Cut shapes randomly around the jug, big enough to accommodate a bedding plant. Decorate the jug however you would like, we mod podge pictures of flowers sometimes, or use actual pressed leaves. Let your child's imagination run wild! When done, put a handful of small rocks in the bottom. Fill the jug with potting soil, adding plants in the holes as you fill. Water from the top. They fill out so nicely, and you can hang them on your patio, or sit them on the railing."

Here's what another Mom had to say about this idea:

"Just wanted to say thanks for such a great and simple idea for a gift.! I can't wait to do it with my son, who is graduating kindergarten next week. His teacher was wonderful and deserves something special."             Cathi Weinhofer


From Yaumara L.

I had my son do this for his teacher last year. However, we drew a flower on construction paper and wrote the message, "Thank You for Helping Me Grow" onto the petals (each petal had one of the words. Then in the middle of the flower we glued my son's face from a picture. It was beautiful and his teacher LOVED It!


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Send us your ideas for Teacher's gifts, and we'll post them for other visitors to see.

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