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Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns

One of the greatest customs for Halloween is carving a pumpkin to create a jack-o-lantern.  Use these Pumpkin Carving Tips and then make your own Talking Jack-o-Lantern.

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Pumpkin Carving Tips

Tips for making your own Jack-o-Lantern:

  1. Always check how your pumpkin sits, before you start to carve.  Often it will lean one direction that you may be able to work around.
  2. Lighter-colored, softer pumpkins are easier to carve, but won't last as long.
  3. Use an ice cream scoop to clean out the flesh (don't forget to roast the seeds!).
  4. Pumpkins with lots of flesh can be hard to carve.  Scoop out extra flesh where you want to carve details.  The flesh should be less than an inch thick for easy carving.
  5. Use a light marker to draw your lines before you start to carve.  If you aren't sure about your drawing skills, look for objects you can trace that are the right size and shape (eg.  A small plate could be the right curve for a smiley mouth.
  6. Start from the center, and work out.  Carve the nose before eyes, and eyes before eyebrows.
  7. For intricate features, try using a craft knife or an exacto knife rather than paring knife.
  8. Sprinkle your pumpkin’s lid with herbs like cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin spice for a festive scent.

If you don't want to carve this year, get some paint and brushes and let the kids paint the faces on their pumpkins.


Ideas sent in by visitors

  1. I find the best way to carve a pumpkin is to to carve the bottom instead of the top because it is easier to put the pumpkin over the candle than put the candle inside of the pumpkin.
    Heather H.


Talking Jack-o-Lantern Trick

pumpkin Here's a fun idea for a talking Jack-o-Lantern sent in by one of our visitors.

  1. Carve a witch face on your pumpkin.
  2. Put a walkie-talkie inside of the pumpkin and then hide out of sight, but where you can see the trick-or-treaters
  3. When people walk by you can say, "How ya doin' my pretty?"
  4. Then you scare them but you don't scare them away!

If you can see the trick-or-treaters, ask a specific question about their costume.  It will keep them guessing to figure it out.


send us email Many families have developed new traditions for kids on Halloween.  We'd be happy to include some of those ideas if you want to send them in. Send us a note if you have any questions or a Halloween craft idea you would like to share.



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