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Treasure Hunt with Pasta

This treasure hunt is gooey and lots of fun.  Perfect for indoors or outdoors.  Could be great at Halloween!  Or for outdoor hunts, try the Jelly Treasure Hunt.

Here are some more Treasure Hunt ideas.  Older kids will love the challenge of a puzzle treasure hunt.

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Pasta Treasure Hunt


large bowl or other container
cooked pasta (spaghetti works best!)


  1. Put the cooked pasta into the container.  Make sure it's cooled!
  2. Mix in the treasure.  These could be plastic animals, candies in sealed wrappers, or closed and taped plastic Easter Eggs.

Some kids love sticking their hands in and digging through the cold pasta.  Have them imagine what they are digging through (snake pit, intestines, ....)



  1. Add a bit of oil to the pasta so it doesn't stick together as it cools. 
  2. For a child that doesn't like the gooey feel, have a pair of tongs on hand.

Thank you to Diane K. for sending in this treasure hunt activity.

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Children love making gifts for their parents and other adults who are important to them.  But what can they make that will delight the person they are giving the gift to?

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