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Ukrainian Easter Eggs

It's just a week away.  We've always decorated Easter Eggs, but the kids wanted to try something new this year. This year, my daughter has been excited to learn Pysanky, or how to make Ukrainian Easter Eggs

In the past, we've tried all kinds of different ways to decorate eggs.  When the kids were young, I loved using the tissue paper pieces to color eggs.  There was no bowls of liquid color to be spilt!

As they got older we made our own dies and learned a variety of different ways to make patterns on Easter Eggs.

For younger children, here's a website where you can print off Easter Egg designs to color.

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Ukrainian Easter Eggs

In this technique, you apply wax to the Easter Egg in layers as you dye the egg.  First you start with a white egg and use a pencil to draw on the patterns.  Then apply wax to any areas that you want to stay white.  

It was hard to get a good image of a white egg.  But you can see the pencil lines and the wax triangles that encircle the bottom of the egg.

Next you put the egg in the lightest color, like yellow.  Then you put wax on any areas that you want to stay yellow. You keep building up the egg design as you go through the different stages.

Or you can 'paint' a color in specific spots and then cover them with wax.  That technique works well if you have two colors that are similarly strong and once you put the egg in the first die, the second one wouldn't show as a true color.  The blue egg in the picture above has red areas under the triangles.  It would have been impossible to get the background shade of blue and that shade of red if the egg had been completely dipped in both colors.

We found a set of the tools and some books with ideas.  The tools, called kistka, came in three sizes, small medium and large.  They all look very similar.  Each one is a small wooden dowel with a metal funnel on the end.  First you heat the metal in the candle, then scoop some of the beeswax.  The liquid wax flows out the bottom of the funnel as you draw the designs on your eggs.

Once you've finished with all the layers, you can hold the egg near the candle to melt off the wax and reveal your pattern.

Traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs use colors and symbols that have meaning in the Christian religion.  For example, designs that encircle the egg are meant to indicate infinity or eternity.  Of course, the symbols have different meanings in different places and throughout time.

There are lots of websites with more information.  Learn Pysanky has tips, hints, and free designs.

Note to Parents:

This technique involves having a heat source, usually an open candle.  Please be careful!


Ukrainian Egg Decorating Kit

Beginners of all ages can go from selecting the right egg to a peaky masterpiece following the step-by-step instructions in our video How to Decorate Beautiful Ukrainian Easter Eggs. For ages 8 and up.

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