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paper-maché is almost like magic.  Children can create the most amazing objects from almost nothing.

How to make paper-maché
Paper Mache Tree Make a Pinata
Make a Mask
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How to make Paper-maché

There are many different ways to do paper-maché.  In most cases you start with a shape (plastic mold, balloon, ...), lots of newspaper, and the mixture.


  • Recipe 1  -  Mix equal parts of white glue and water.
  • Recipe 2  -  Mix equal parts of white flour and water.  Add more water if it is too thick.

Recipe 1 is easy for small projects.  Recipe 2 works and is much less expensive for large projects (like volcanoes or piñatas)

The next step is to tear the newspaper (or tissue paper, paper towel, kleenex, or even  toilet paper) into strips.  Put some strips into the mixture to soak.  Then apply them to the shape.  Keep adding layers until your shape is covered.  Then let dry at least over night.


  • Use wax paper as a work surface.  Most paper mache won't stick to it.
  • Clean up spills fairly quickly.  Once they are dry, they are much harder to clean.
  • Don't soak all the strips at one time.  About 4-6 is enough.
  • Cover the mixture with plastic wrap if you need to work on the project over 2-3 days.



Use a balloon for your shape.  The paper mache can be used to create all kinds of shapes (coiled snake, dog's head, or even a computer screen).  Leave a small section bare while it is drying.  When dry, pop the balloon and remove the pieces.  Put the goodies inside the piñata, and cover the hole with more paper mache.  When it's dry, use paint to decorate it.

This piñata was made from a large balloon.  Rolls of newspaper were soaked in the paper mache mixture, then coiled around the balloon.  A small balloon was added for the head.  The round shape of the balloon was painted gray, as if the snake was coiled around a rock. 

Or try this easy idea to make a piñata.




Put the mask form on a piece of large piece of wax paper.  Using the recipe above, apply the layers of paper mache to the mask.  Use smaller strips of paper when making smaller objects like the mask. When dry, remove the mask and paint.

Use cardboard to add interesting shapes and features to the mask.  It could be a nose like a bird beak, out the frame around the head in the Egyptian Death Mask.  

Cut out the cardboard into the shape you want.  Hold or tape the cardboard in place while you lay strips across the join between the mask and the feature.  Don't run the strips along the edge of the joint.  

Let dry overnight and then paint.

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