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Treasure Hunt with Jelly

This treasure hunt is gooey and sticky.  Perfect for outdoors, but watch out, the bees and wasps could decide to join the hunt.

Here are some more Treasure Hunt ideas.  Older kids will love the challenge of a puzzle treasure hunt.  

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Jelly Treasure Hunt


large bowl or other container
jelly packets, or a jar of jelly


  1. Get about 50 packets of the cheapest jelly that you can find.
  2. Break them up in the bowl.  The children will love doing this step.
  3. Once all the jelly is all broken up, put enough water in to fill the bowl.
  4. When the jelly and water mix together, have the children add the treasure.  ( eg. plastic spiders, snakes, ponies, marbles, ...)
  5. Leave to set. It may take overnight for the jelly to set as a large bowl may not fit in the fridge.

Once the jelly treasure has set, let the children loose to dig out the toys.  They will have lots of fun hunting for the treasure.

Children love to see the toys through the jelly and squish the jelly in their fingers.

Thank you to one of our visitors for sending in this treasure hunt activity.

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