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About us tells the story of why Christine Nicholls started Creative Kids at Home.

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Biographical Information

Creative Kids at Home is owned by Christine Nicholls, with lots of help and support from her husband Mike Silversides.

Christine Nicholls, BSc. MBA

Christine loves being mommy to Katherine (9y) and Duncan (6y). She had been investigating new business options, when she realized that a great business idea had arrived in her mailbox. Her daughter was thrilled to receive a package in the mail. There were kids all over the world who never receive mail, much less a fun package filled with materials to spark their creativity. Creative Kids at Home was born.

Christine had enjoyed many different crafts in her own childhood including knitting, crocheting, ceramics, and needlepoint. While she may feel her artistic talents are limited, she enjoyed being able to create a finished product she could be proud of. She loved the idea of developing a business that would encourage other children to share that same feeling of accomplishment, and give them an opportunity to learn that you donít need to be artistic to be creative.

Owning her own company, was not entirely a new experience. She and her husband co-own S&N Enterprises Inc., a computer and information consulting business. Her background also includes an MBA with a course in entrepreneurship. While her education may help in writing a good business plan, for this company, the critics that count are kids. The mission of Creative Kids at Home is to encourage kids to have fun and be creative. Christine loves to hear from parents and kids about their reactions. The kids are excited when they find a package in the mail. The parents enjoy watching their kids busily creating their newest project.

One of her goals is to make gift giving easy while still being able to give fun and unique presents. A mom was trying to find a gift for her teenage daughters that would remind them of their favorite childhood Christmas. The Super Surprise Box was very similar to a craft box they had received 10 years earlier. Their mom had searched both in local stores and on the internet. She was thrilled when she found a solution to her gift dilemma for her.

Mike Silversides, BSc.

Mike is a co-owner of S&N Enterprises Inc., a computer consulting business. Mostly he looks after the website and the bookkeeping, but occasionally can be found stuffing envelopes or running to the copy shop.

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