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Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Are you planning a kids birthday party?  Need to know how to plan a theme birthday party.

Are you planning a children's birthday party?   Start with tips for planning a children's birthday party.  Check out these ideas for theme for the birthday party.   Next is choosing activities for a birthday party and then comes the decisions about party loot bags.  


Kids have fun with crafts.
Crafts are fun


Give your child a birthday party they will remember as the greatest party ever and you'll have as much fun as the kids!
Birthday Party Plans


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Planning Theme Parties

My children love picking themes and planning a party around that theme.

  1. Pick the theme.
    Some years, it will be obvious what theme your child wants for his or her birthday.  Two to three weeks before the birthday, start talking asking questions.  Your child may have ideas for a theme, or you may have to make some suggestions.
  2. Plan the activities.
    Brainstorm ideas around the theme.  There's no single plan to a perfect party.  Some years we have a few games and a craft, other years there's just one main activity that takes up most of the party.  It's always a good idea to have a few short games or craft in case things aren't working.
  3. Set the number of guests.
    Once your child has picked the theme and the activities, then you get to set the number of guests.  If you aren't sure, limit the number of guests to your child's age.  A four year old could invite three friends.  For sleepovers, divide that number by 2.  An ten year old's sleepover party would have 5 kids.
  4. Invitations.
    Have your child design the invitations to match the party theme.
  5. Plan the food.
    Think about the snacks and cake that would fit the theme.  Let your child come up with some suggestions.  Try to include favorite foods on the menu.
  6. Decorate.
    Often you just need to come up with a few suggestions and then let the kids take over.  Maybe have your child invite a special friend (or someone who couldn't attend the actual party) come and help with the decorating.
  7. Enjoy the party.
    Don't worry if things don't go according to plan, or some activities get skipped.  As long as your child is having fun, it will be a birthday to remember.

Try some of these themes ideas to create your child's dream birthday party.

Birthday Party Themes

Army Party
Artist Birthday Party

Doll Party
Beanie Baby Party
Egypt Party
Girl's Manicure Party
Tea Party


Some people love planning birthday parties, others would like to choose from pre-planned birthday parties

Turn a birthday gift into an adventure to make it a day your child or grandchild will never forget. Our visitors have sent in some of their best birthday gift ideas that will create memories for a life time.

Try some of these ideas for activities at children's birthday parties.

For more ideas on kids activities, visit the Creative Kids at Home Activity Library.


We'd like to create a list of some of the best (or worst) ideas for themes and activities at children's birthday parties.  Send us your stories for our Birthday Ideas page.

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