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Gifts for Children to Remember

What was your favorite birthday present or Christmas gift as a child? Who can't remember the joy we feel as children as we stare up at a glittering Christmas tree with brightly colored gifts all around it?  Or the excitement of going to a children's birthday party and hoping your best friend would love the birthday gift you were bringing?

No matter how much the world changes, or how many new toys and gadgets are invented, children still love giving and receiving gifts. The gifts that mean the most to children often stay the same.  As we grow-up, we may remember the actual gifts we were given as children, but often what we remember most is the gift of love from the adults who shared our lives.

Here our some of the childhood birthday presents and Christmas gifts remembered by our visitors.

The 12 Days of Christmas - Nanci Ailinger
New Dolls - Diane Stevens
New Saddle - Ann Mathis
Rubber Doll - Anne Shirley Manion
Christmas too early - Bev
Mom's Raggedy Ann Doll - Leona A. Martin
A Child's Choice
Made by Dad - Anna May Kinney
The Gift of Patience - Carol Clark
Hand Made Barbie Clothes - Deanne Burton
Easy Bake Oven - Christine Nicholls


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Gifts Kids Can Make Book Cover







Children love making gifts for their parents and other adults who are important to them.  But what can they make that will delight the person they are giving the gift to?

Here's how you can quickly and easily get lots of simple, high quality gift ideas that you children can make.  Guaranteed to be fun the children making the gift, and a delight for the person receiving it.

Gifts Kids Can Make