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Kids Crafts to make Easter Eggs

easter bunny with easter eggKids can create their own colorful Easter Eggs.  They can make their own dyes using food coloring, or make natural dyes.  Then use the tips for making Fancy Easter Eggs.


No Dye Easter Eggs
Hollow Eggs

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Make your own Egg Coloring



White Vinegar
Food Coloring
White Eggs

free kids crafts - Easter Eggs

See Ideas for Fancy Easter Eggs for instructions on how to decorate your Easter Eggs.

  1. Hard boil the eggs and let cool or make hollow eggs.
  2. For each color, measure 1/2 cup water into separate bowls add 1 tbsp vinegar to each bowl.  
  3. Mix in the food coloring until you get the shade you want.
  4. Put the cooled eggs in the coloring dye until they are the color the children want (a few minutes).  You may need to roll the eggs to make sure they color evenly.

Make Natural Dyes for for Easter Eggs

  • red: soak red onion peels with vinegar or use juice from red beets or blueberries
  • yellow: soak yellow onion peels, or use saffron
  • green: spinach water
  • brown: tea

Ideas for Fancy Eggs

  • Children can use a white crayon to make a design on the egg before you start dyeing.  The dye won't color that section of the Easter Eggs.
  • Use masking tape to block off sections you want to remain that color.  Repeat these steps for as many colors as you want (egg C pictured above).
  • Use rubber bands to create a pattern on the egg.  Some color will seep under the band, but it won't be the as dark as the area around it.  Let the egg dry, then put the bands on in a different pattern and dye a second color (egg A pictured above.
  • Children can use stickers to keep the egg shell from absorbing color in some spots.  Remove some stickers and then move on to the next color.
  • Create a marble or tie-dyed effect by using small pieces of cheese cloth or cotton.  Cut a piece 6-8 inches square.  Put the fabric in the dye, them move it to a disposable tray or dish.  Crumple or bunch up the cloth.  Gently place the egg on the cloth.  The crumpled ridges is where the dye will transfer to the egg.  You can place a second crumpled cloth on the top of the egg.  Let dry.  Repeat 2-3 times until the whole egg is covered (egg B pictured above).

Hints for Coloring Easter Egg

  1. For multi-color eggs, start in the lightest color first. 
  2. Always let hard boiled eggs cool before starting any of the craft techniques.
  3. Be sure the children let the eggs dry before putting the egg in a 2nd color.
easter bunny coloring an easter egg

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