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Wild Cam from Africa

There are some interesting nature cams out there, but this one has captured our attention. The National Geographic website has a live camera at a place called Pete’s Pond in Botswana.

Pete Le Roux carved Pete’s Pond into the landscape as his answer to the rampant poaching and senseless killing of Africa’s wildlife. The poachers knew the animals had to go to the river to drink. Using the remnants of an old irrigation system from the area’s failed attempts to grow cotton, he built a pond as an alternative watering source. The idea worked.

The camera is on 24/7 except for occasional technical difficulties. Last night, my kids saw a zebra and a jackal come to the watering hole. This morning, there was a herd of elephants including two little ones. It was great watching them having their evening drink. Then a warthog wandered along and wallowed in the pond for a bit.

About the only challenge is that most of the action at Pete’s Pond happens during the daylight hours in Africa. For those of us half a world away, that means late nights and early mornings to try and catch some of the peak times.

But it’s worth it. I can’t believe how mesmerizing it is to watch the interaction of the different animals around the pond.

The whole website has lots of interesting material including clips of the different animals that frequent the pond and a blog with lots of the discussion. The researchers do a great job answering questions.

My daughter is volunteering for an afternoon nap if she can stay up and watch the wildcam all night!


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