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It's time to explore space, planets, stars, comets and galaxies.

August is the best time to watch for the Perseid meteor shower.  It runs for over a month, but the peak viewing time is Aug. 12 2007.

stars and moon with telescopeWatch the darkest part of the sky and see if you can see a meteor (shooting star).  There are some in the evenings, but serious meteor watchers should get up very early (4am) for the best show.

Craft Projects

  1. Make a comet.
  2. Make planets from our solar system.
  3. Make some star decorations using this idea for sugar Christmas decorations.
  4. Create your own stars and a star mobile.


There are some online games for kids at the Nasa website.

Field Tripkid looking through a telescope at space

  1. Plan a trip to your local observatory.
  2. Stay up late and watch the night sky.



  1. Rocket Launcher - use air bubbles to power your own backyard rocket.
  2. Make a Planisphere  for the northern hemisphere to find out which stars and constellations are visible at any time during the year.  Here's another version of a Planisphere.  It's not as user friendly, but it does say that it will work in the southern hemisphere.



Make your own Sundial and learn to tell time by the sun.


Mars Crawler KIT

Build your own Mars Rover!

The Mars Crawleris also a Fun- Creative- Educational Solar kit. Everything is included, even a mini- light bulb for electricity activities or for running the Explorer in dark spaces. This Tek Toy is so technologically realistic, it complies with Science and Technology Standards!

Uncle Milton Solar System Mobile

Go to sleep watching the planets moving around the Sun

Explore the solar system right in your own room! The motorized solar system mounts right to your ceiling, and the planets orbit around the light-up sun! Features nine full color detailed planets, auto shut-off after 15 minutes of operation, 15 minute audio CD that provides a guided tour through the solar system, IR remote control with built-in light pointer, and glow in the dark star stickers. Size: 20 inches in diameter. Requires four C and two AA batteries (sold separately).

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chris smith:

HI,my name is Chris,I am 9 years old and I am from Colchester Vermont. We have a project for school and I need to make an Alien, If anyone has any heplful suggestions I would appreciete them thank you Chris


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