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Tadpoles Arrive

Our tadpoles have finally arrived!

tadpoles in their shipping bagThey were packed inside 2 plastic bags and surrounded by Styrofoam peanuts.  There were 16 little guys swimming around.

They do recommend having an air stone in the tank, so we dug through our aquarium equipment and found an air pump, hose and stone.  I'd forgotten the constant noise the pump makes, but my daughter wrapped it in a cloth and it's much quieter now.

The next step was to let the bag float in the aquarium for about an hour so the water would be the same temperature when we released them into the aquarium.

We've had the tank set up for a week, and now we'll have something to look at.

close up picture of tadpolesMy son got the job of catching them in the net and releasing them in the tank.  The hardest part was releasing them in the tank.  Once they got in the net, they'd just swim down to the bottom and stay there!

We decided to measure the tadpoles so that we could see how fast they grow.  It's seems like most of their heads are about 4-5 mm and their tails are about 1 cm long.  I have no idea how quickly they will grow so we'll just have to wait to find out.


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