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Tadpoles to Frogs

Our tadpoles turned into little frogs.

It was surprising how quickly they changed.  One day the arms popped out.  The next day we moved them into a separate tank that was sloped with land at one end and water at the lower end.  By the third day, they were spending most of their time on land.

tadpoles becoming frogs

In this picture, you can see how the tail of the tadpole on the lower left is starting to shrink.  That baby frog was spending some time on the land.  The tadpole in the upper right still has a long full tail and was living in the water.

At this stage, they don't eat yet.  Their tail is absorbed into their body providing all the nutrition they need.  Once the tail is completely gone, then they will be looking for insects to eat.

baby frog

Here's a close up picture of one of the baby frogs.

My kids have loved having tadpoles and watching as they go through the amazing process of becoming frogs.


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