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Mayan Day Four

I'm not sure about today's challenge.  It looks very simple, but needs a delicate touch.

After they get the key from the library, the team enters the King's Throne room.  I haven't decide if we'll recreate the whole throne room, or just the main part of the challenge.

The robot has to go down a tunnel and then retrieve a scroll that's on a stand.  The tunnel is small enough that the robot will need to back out rather than turn around.

Points for Day Four - Scroll

   5   For working robot
   5   Use parallel process in program
   5   Not knocking the scroll off stand
   5   Picking up the scroll
   5   For robot that returns on it's own
   5   Carry the scroll back without dropping

Two of the teams found this challenge fairly easy.  The third team had
all kinds of problems.  Their light sensor didn't work yesterday, and today
the sound sensor wouldn't respond.  Another team offered their sound sensor
and it still didn't work.  Then they swapped bricks, and the program
finally started to work.  

After the challenge runs, they did some more testing on the original brick.  They kept getting inconsistent results and we were just about ready to start checking for the warrantee.  Then someone thought of clearing the memory and downloading the original program again.  That solved all the problems.  Hopefully, there will be no more mystery failures tomorrow.  I think they've had about enough to deal with this week.

Here are the pictures today's robots.



Scroll Monkey

Super Stormer

They all went at the scroll from below and then picked it up.  Scroll Monkey had both upper and lower jaws that closed around the scroll.  The other two robots relied on lifting  and trapping the scroll against the fixed parts of the robot.

Everyone had a lot of fun today.  Now we just have to see how it goes on the fifth and final day of the Mayan Adventure Camp.



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I've had calibration issues with sensors sometimes. You can use the software to reset the sensors. That might help clear out any issues too.


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