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January 2008 Newsletter

Snowflakes and older kids can learn about how crystals form and do experiments to grow salt or sugar crystals.

If you are thinking about planning a treasure hunt, there a new step by step guide to help you plan a Treasure Hunt

Science Fair season is coming up.  Kids have to do the work, but parents are asked lots questions.  Check the science fair section so that you will know what is a hypothesis, or how to write of the procedure.

Let us know if you use some of these ideas, and what the kids think.  Or have them send in new ideas they would like to share with other families.  If you have a photo, we would like to include it too!  Let us know if you would like to be identified with your idea. Send your ideas to: Creative Kids at Home

Don't forget to check out the Activity Library for lots of kids crafts and activities.

Have a fun day!

Christine Nicholls, Creative Kids at Home
Free crafts and activities for kids.

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Maureen B.:

I just had to let you know how valuable your website has been for me.I am a registered childcare and I always manage to find so many activities to suit all the various ages of the children in my care.This is especially useful during the school holidays with the older children as it prevents them from getting bored.

Many thanks


Yes, we are using your ideas and love your newsletters. Just tried our hand on the borax snowflakes as gifts/tree decorations last month, and they came out great. Please keep up the ideas coming. I look forward to it each month.

Thank you,


Here are some activities:

* Blow bubbles
* Dance
* Play hide and go seek
* Play I Spy
* Play jacks
* Play Marco Polo
* Paint
* Make and fly paper airplanes
* Plan a party (NOT a birthday party): an art party, a bug party, a baking party, a water party (sprinklers squirt guns etc.) ... be creative! Invite a few friends and think up related activities.
* Plan a trip somewhere and research what you could do there
* Train a pet to do something new
* Act out a play or story
* Do one of the projects you put off until summer
* Read Aloud (my personal favorite)
* Scavenger hunt
* Tie-dye T-shirts (or Daddy's underwear!)
* Do a paid job (Ask mom for a list)


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