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February 08 Newsletter

Valentine's Day is next week.  It's not just a day created by card companies.  Find out why we celebrate Valentine's Day and get ideas for crafts and gift ideas, or make a Bouquet of Hearts for Mom!

Science Fair season is coming up.  Kids have to do the work, but parents are asked lots questions.  Check the science fair section so that you will know what is a hypothesis, or how to write of the procedure.  

Winter is a great time for Sandbox Fun.  Make your own indoor sandbox!  Older kids can create their own Miniature Golf  indoor course.

Visitors have sent in some ideas to share.  There's a new Flubber recipe that doesn't use borax, and a Pasta Treasure Hunt idea that sounds like a lot of fun!

Easter is six weeks away, but here's one idea you need to start soon.  Have you seen Easter baskets with living grass rather than the synthetic grass?  They are much better for the environment and cost almost nothing.  Try this project to make baskets with living grass in the them. It does take a bit of advanced planning, but the results are worth it.

Let us know if you use some of these ideas, and what the kids think.  Or have them send in new ideas they would like to share with other families.  If you have a photo, we would like to include it too!  Let us know if you would like to be identified with your idea.  Send your ideas to: Creative Kids at Home

Don't forget to check out the Activity Library for lots of kids crafts and activities.  

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I'm always looking for seasonal activities to do with my girls. Thanks for sharing!


I am so thankful that I got your letter today so that I’ll have time to grow my grass. What a fantastic idea! I work as a children’s librarian and told my co-workers about this idea so they’re going to do it too.

That sounds great!

I love the living baskets. They are just so much nicer than the 'plastic grass' baskets, and much better for the environment.


could you please send me activities for kids under 5yrs old and recipes craft etc.................... at no cost

Check out the Younger Kids Section of our free Activity Library.

You should find lots of ideas.

Don't forget to look through the 'Family Crafts and Kids Activities' Section too. It's a bit lower on the same page. Many of those ideas would be fun for kids under 5y.

On the Main Page for the Activity Library, there's a section for Holiday projects.

You can find ideas for most events throughout the year.

When I saw your question, I realized we didn't have theme pages for each of the Seasons. I'll work on that in the next few months. You can find the other theme pages at:

Thanks for the idea!


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