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Feeding Butterflies

Some of our butterflies emerged on a cool, wet day.  We decided to keep them overnight had release them the next day when the weather was better.

I was concerned about them not getting anything to eat.  To feed a butterfly, make up a solution of 1:20 sugar to water.  

There are lots of different recommendations on how to feed them.  We tried a few different options, but have ended up either finger feeding them, or having them eat off cotton balls.

feeding a butterfly on a cottonballFinger feeding a butterfly is fun.  Wash your hands first, then dip your finger in the sugar water.  Leave a drop on your finger and move it close to the butterfly's mouth.  Usually it will stick out it's tongue and have a drink.  When the novelty wears off, switch to the cotton ball method.

Dip a cotton ball in the sugar water, then place it on a dish in the container.  Most of our butterflies didn't figure it out on their own.  Often we had to let them crawl onto a finger and then put them on the cotton ball.  Once they were on the cotton ball, it wasn't long before the long curled tongue appeared and they realized there was a food source right under their feet!

Read more about raising Painted Lady Butterflies.

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Should I always change the plants? Is the weather a factor to affect its breeding? Do they need to drink water? Where can I get the caterpillar?


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