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Find out more about Magnets and the answers to trivia questions send with the kids science project on Magnets.

Trivia Questions
Experiments with Magnets and Compasses
The North Pole
Earth's Magnetic Field
Magnetic Field of Mars
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Magnets and Lodestones
Magnets and Temperature

Trivia Questions

1.  Of the eight planets and one star in our solar system, which ones have a magnetic field?

2.  What three metals that can be magnetized?

Find the answers to these kids science questions.



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What is the difference between the Geographic north pole and the Magnetic north pole?

The geographic north pole is the top of the planet. Its position does not change. The north magnetic pole is the point where all of the magnetic lines of the field flow directly into the earth. Magnetic North is constantly in motion, currently moving approximately 26 miles (40 Km) per year. Right now the Earth’s magnetic north pole is in northern Canada. If the north magnetic pole continues on its present course and speed, it will be in northern Siberia by the year 2050. The magnetic poles have even reversed themselves, with the north magnetic pole being in the south and the south magnetic pole being in the north.

To learn more about the North Magnetic Pole, check the Interesting Websites.

The Earth's Magnetic Field

While the earth’s magnetic field allows compasses on earth to work, it has a much more vital function. It acts as a shield, protecting the earth from solar particles emissions from the sun. These solar particles are constantly generated, streaming out from the sun in all directions. During solar flares, huge amounts of these particles are generated, creating vast clouds of highly energetic particles that race toward earth at speeds up to 1000km per second.

The clouds of particles approach Earth and are deflected away by Earths magnetic field. If these rays were not deflected, life on earth (if it existed) would be radically different.

The rays are deflected away from the earth. Once the rays have passed by the earth, some of them move back along the lines of magnetic force to the north and south poles. When the cosmic rays strike the upper regions of the atmosphere, the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) or Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) are formed. The planets that have magnetic fields around them have their own form of the Aurora Borealis.

Check the Interesting Websites for more information on science of magnets or check out our webpage on the Magnets and Lodestones.

Magnetic Field of Mars

According to the latest work at Nasa, currently, Mars does not have a global magnetic field.  But it did have one early in its life, similar to that of Earth. Even though it doesn't have a global magnetic field today, Mars does have very strong crustal magnetic fields, more than 30 times stronger than those of Earth. 


Interesting Web Sites

Magnetic Pole Reversals

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North Magnetic Pole


Try these Experiments with Magnets.


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Trivia Answers

1.  Of the nine planets and one star in our solar system, which ones have a magnetic field?

Sun, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus,

2.  What three metals that can be magnetized?

Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel

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