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Kids Science Projects

Free Ideas for Childrens Science Experiments

Science is about understanding the world around you.  Don't think of complicated formulas, lab coats and text books.  Think of the curiosity children are both with always asking why?  That's what science experiments are all about.

Science experiments give you and your children the opportunity to invent, create and learn how things work.   These free ideas for science activities should be fun for one or more kids as long as the adults plan to be involved too

Most science projects will use items commonly found in most households. It could be anything from an empty milk carton to some corn starch.  Just be sure to take the time to read thru the science experiment before you start.  Make sure you have everything on hand before you start.

There are lots of eye-opening discoveries to make about the world around you. Scroll down to find links to projects investigate everything from genetics to sound.

These science projects are the start of a very fun journey.  Or check the Free Activity Library for kids crafts and children's activities.

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Free Science Experiments for Kids

Air Pressure - What can you do with air?
Amazing Polymers - learn about colloid polymers (putty).
Clean Silver Tarnish - chemical reaction to clean tarnish off just about any silver object
Genetics - learn about what makes DNA.
Crystals - Kids can discover what are crystals and how to grow them.
Crystals from Atoms - how they can bond together to create crystals.
Flight - How airplanes fly and other experiments.
Floating and Sinking - kids love watching as it goes down, and then up!
Light - bending light
Magnets - Fun Science Facts about the Earth's Magnetic Field
Magnets, Magnetism and Lodestones - What is a Lodestone?
Rocket Launcher - use air bubbles to power your own backyard rocket.
Silly Slime - kids love this ooey, gooey craft for the whole family.
Sound - kids can find out what makes sound and music?
Static Electricity - electrifying results from these projects.
Sunlight - learn about ultra-violet light.
Water - learn about the surface tension of water.


Sections in the Free Kids Library

You and your children can choose from:

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Pick from the free craft and activity links above to find lots of ideas for your and your children to have with childrens craft ideas and kids science projects.


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