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Polymers - putty, glue, and plastics.

Find out more about matter, polymers, how to make putty, and the answers to trivia questions sent with the kids science project on how to make a colloid polymer (putty).

Trivia Questions

1. What state is often called the forth state of matter?

2. What are some examples of colloids in the world around you?


Find the answers to these kids science questions.



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Matter can exist in three possible states: solid, liquid and gas. A solid is rigid and retains its shape. A liquid is fluid, has a definite volume, and will take the shape of its container. A gas fills a space, so its volume will be the same as the volume of its container. Often the state of matter is determined by temperature. For example, water is a liquid, that freezes to become a solid (ice), or can be heated to become a gas ( steam).

What are Colloids and Polymers? 

A colloid is a mixture where the particles are too large to dissolve but small  enough to remain suspended in the liquid. A polymer is a long chain of  molecules that look something like strands of cooked spaghetti. With a 
polymer colloid, the suspended particles are long polymer strands.


How to make Putty

White craft glue is made up of long polymer strands that are not connected together.  Borax is solid and when wet, connects the glue polymers to form putty which can be described as a colloid polymer.  

Recipe for Putty (sometimes called Flubber or Goop) - very like Silly Putty


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Trivia Answers

1.  What state is often called the forth state of matter?

At very high temperatures, matter becomes plasma.


2.  What are some examples of colloids in the world around you?

fog, mayonnaise, jello and meringue  


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