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Summer Activities for Kids


Kids Summer Crafts and Children's Activities

These free ideas for Summer Activities encourage children to work with a wide variety of materials. One of the best things about summer projects is that they can be done outside. Less mess to clean up!

Kids have fun with crafts.
Crafts are fun


Fossils - How old are those fossils?

Horseshoe Game - Kids can make their own.

Magic Bubbles - kids love blowing bubbles on a summer day.

Paper Mache Tree House - kids will have fun creating their own tree.

Rocket Launcher - use gas to power your own backyard rocket.

Rocks - Create your own pet rock.

Sandbox Fun - ideas for sandboxes and sidewalk chalk.

Sand Projects - things to make at the beach.

Silly Slime - kids love this ooey, gooey craft for the whole family.

Treasure Balls - Fun to make and fun to break.

Treasure Hunts - Kids love hunting for anything.

Read about why kids should have interesting summer activities.  Looking for lots of crafts or activities all on one theme?  Check out these topic pages filled with crafts, games and activities. 

Ancient Egypt
Beach Days
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Summer Craft Projects for Kids

egg head planter craft Hairy Heads
Kids love to watch things grow!
kids love fabric painting Painted Shirts
Let the kids create a work of art they can wear!
painted rocks - crafts for kids

Pet Rocks
Kids can let their imaginations run wild when creating creatures out of rocks. They can think about how to use the different shapes to make their own creation.

fossils made by kids Make your own Fossils
Kids will have fun making fossils and trying to imprint all kinds of objects.
childrens writing journal Start a Journal
childrens crafts - making rain sticks Rain Sticks
Kids love the to listen to the sounds of these sticks. They are amazed when they discover that paper and rice really does sound like rain.
make your own Innuksuk Make an Innuksuk
Have you ever wondered about those stone piles on the side of many highways? Have you wanted to try to make one?
kids can make their own treasure map Treasure Hunt
Keep a large group of kids amused for hours with a few, well planned, treasure/scavenger hunts.


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Check back each month for more free ideas for childrens activities and crafts projects.




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