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Science Time

Everyone tells us to spend more time with our kids.  But how do you know what to do?  As Ted Moryto finds out, there are lots of pre-packaged projects that can make it easy for you to plan an interesting afternoon together.  Who knows, you may even discover a new friend!

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Science Time

"Dad, can I help?, my 7 year old son Jack pleads

"Not right now buddy, it's a little tricky�?, I grunt as I try to install a new lock in the front door, sweat trickling down my brow. Why is it he always wants to help when I'm trying to do something important? Something that requires my full attention and a great deal of skill which I seem to be lacking.

Duh?, I think to myself, what am I complaining about, I should be thankful that he wants to do more than sit in front of a video game for hours. I should be thankful he's looking for a challenge. That he wants to create something of lasting value that he can be proud of. And most important, that he wants to be part of a team, with his dad. How cool is that?

father and son creating a project"Jack, next weekend we'll do a special project together, I promise�?.

"Oh, sweet Dad, what?�?

"You'll see buddy, it'll be really cool.�? Now I think, great, so now what have I gotten myself into?

So what would be a good project for a middle aged accountant and a 7 year old to do on a Saturday afternoon. Well, replacing the front lock had taken me the better part of a day and left my one hand with a lengthy cut from a chisel and the other with several blisters. So I immediately dismiss home improvement projects which could result in a trip to the emergency room or at least a severely bruised ego. I instead decide to scour the vastness of my very own neighborhood toy store for a fitting solution.

My criteria is simple. It needs to be a project, something we accomplish, not just a toy we pull out of the box, put batteries in and it goes. Where's the fun in that, and besides we have an entire afternoon to kill. It needs to be something that a 7 year old can participate in but challenging enough that he's going to have to ask questions and accept help, just like starting a new job. And it needs to have an element of creativity, I hate reading long step by step instructions which is probably why I still wait for the start of a TV program and then press record on my VCR.

I browse through a myriad of science kits and eventually settle on Energy Wiz, a kit with dozens of projects and experiments all related to electricity, motors, magnets, wind and solar power. What I like about the kit is that we can start off small and progress to more complicated projects. I also like that it contains most of the materials we need, but that we may also have to find a few household items. This should add to the challenge and demonstrate to Jack that not everything in life comes in a neat little package. But best of all, the instruction booklet has lots color pictures. The instructions are simple and there are lots of pictures of how things we see everyday use these same principles.

Well the kit is a big hit! Jack and I start off burning a hole through a piece of paper with a magnifying glass. Then on to building a solar powered car. I'm amazed when Jack uses the magnifying glass to increase the speed of the car. Hey, that's not in the book. Hmm! maybe he's on to something. Seems like a good time to make hydrogen and oxygen from water, fuel cells are not too far down the road you know. Then we make a battery using nails, vinegar and salt. Jack asks where's the French fries. Mom calls, it's dinner time.

We both whine, "Just five more minutes. Pleeeasse�?.


Ted Moryto found his science package at Brain Waves Toys, - a science and educational toy store.  His hand is healing nicely, but the door required a locksmith soon after.

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