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Updates to website and new craft

We've been answering questions, making changing and adding a new craft.  Thanks to the families who have been sending in new project ideas.

We've added a new idea to make painted butterflies using coffee filters.

There are some new gift ideas for teachers, and the whole section was re-organized to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Write your own Book
Thanks for Helping Plant
Hand Prints to Remember 
Teacher Gifts to Buy - from one child
Teacher's Gifts bought by a class


There's new information on the magnetic field of mars in the science section.

The ideas for birthday parties have organized into two pages to make it easier to find what your are looking for.  Party ideas has activities and crafts for birthday parties; Party themes has a guide to planning theme parties and some themes ideas used for birthday parties.

The Treasure Hunt page was getting too long.  So it's been split into ideas for Treasure Hunts, and How to make a Treasure Map.

And that's it for the changes.  Next will be new projects for Easter.


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