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It's time to play!  This week's ideas are all about fun and games.

Craft Projects

  1. Make your own game of horseshoes.
  2. Make your own treasure map and then plan a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt.
  3. Set up your own miniature golf indoors or out.  If you want to create obstacles for your course, use paper mache to build whatever you want.


Look through the kids games and find some new ideas.  You can find:


Field Trip

Go to a sports game.  It could be a little league game at your neighborhood, or an international soccer match, you decide.


  1. Mix up your own bubble solution and make your own wands too.
  2. Build your own miniature golf course.
  3. Have the kids plan a games day for all the kids in the neighborhood.  Each family can pick their favorite to host on their front lawn.


Make some flubber and learn all about Amazing Polymers.  This project uses the laundry additive Borax.  Please be sure to carefully supervise children working with Borax.  Read the warning labels on the box and decide if you want the children to use it.  Make sure Borax is stored out of reach of young children.  Everyone should wash their hands after working with Borax.


The ultimate trivia game made just for Kids. Choose from 6 unique categories with 800+ questions about games, cartoons, science & nature, movies, music and a whole lot more!

Dr. Toy has identified this game as a 'Smart Play Smart Toy'.     Check for their other games including EcoRangers (saving the planet) and Family Showdown, and Football or Baseball Trivia for adults.

Order You Kids Trivia Games Here!



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i think the games are great....you guys should put more and more games


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