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First Lego League Tournament

The Nano Stormers competed at the British Columbia First Lego League tournament over the weekend.

Last week, I really wasn't sure how it was going.  On Monday, we had a short team meeting and then presented the research project and robot missions to two different groups.  It all went really well. 

The robot missions scored the highest points they had ever gotten in a single round.  The audiences gave the kids a chance to answer new questions.  It was very good experience for them.

They weren't sure they were ready so we had a short meeting on Wednesday.  It gave us one more chance to go over how each of the four components (robot design, research, robot performance, and teamwork) would be scored.  They got to practice their research presentation again and get in a few more robot runs.

At the end of the meeting, we tried something new.  We went around the group talking abut what each person brought to the team.  It was a good opportunity to everyone to realize that their contribution was valued by the team.

Then came competition day.  You can read all about it and how the team did on the the Nano Stormers' website.


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