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December 2008 Newsletter

December is a busy time of the year.  There are many wonderful events and it's hard to pick and choose which ones to be part of. 

As the days grow shorter in the northern hemisphere, try making some  beeswax candles.  You do have to buy the sheets of beeswax and some wicking, but they are quite simple and safe to make with young children.   For those of you in the southern hemisphere, don't forget to check out our summer kids activities pages.  You'll find lots of ideas for summer crafts.


Crafts for Christmas

You will find lots of Christmas crafts.  They are divided into Christmas Tree Ornaments, and Christmas Decorations for around the house.  Or think about some new ideas for how to celebrate Christmas.

We've started making our own holiday book.  It makes for a great family activity, and best of all, with a little imagination, this project can be made for any holiday. I've included some ideas for a Hanukkah book, but it could just as easily be made for Winter Solstice or Kwanzaa.

On Friday, we'll make our first batch of Christmas cookies.  I love this recipe because it is low in fat and sugar.  The kids love rolling out the dough and cutting out all the different cookie shapes.  Once they're cooked, then comes their favorite part.  We make bowls of icing and start decorating.  Good thing the actual cookies aren't loaded with fat and sugar.  By the time the kids adding the icing and decorations, there was more than enough!



Some of you will be traveling to be with your family in the next fewweeks.   Don't forget to check out these ideas for car games before you leave!

For those of you staying home, why don't you try the Imaginary Travel Game?


 Gift Giving

Having trouble choosing presents this year?  Check out some tips for gift giving, and ideas for gifts that will be remembered for a lifetime.  Of course, there are many ideas of gifts kids can make for the friends and family.

If you are doing some early Christmas shopping, check out our gift ideas page.  So many kids have a favorite interest, to make it easier for you, the gift ideas are organized by themes like dinosaurs, space, science, Egypt or nature.


We'd love to see the Activity Library include projects for other holidays that are celebrated in December.  Send in new ideas that you would like to share with other families.  If you have a photo, we would like to include it too!  Let us know if you would like to be identified with your idea.  Send your ideas to: Creative Kids at Home

Have a fun day!

Christine Nicholls, Creative Kids at Home
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Thank you very much for your latest newsletter packed with lots of great tips and things to make.

I would like to wish you and all your staff a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year from the the United Kingdom.


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