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January 2009 Newsletter

Ideas for Reusing Things

Don't throw out last year's calendars, cards and magazines.  Here are some ideas to Reuse your pictures    How about making a  Picture Frame  from old puzzle pieces?  It's a great way to reuse a puzzle when a few pieces are missing.  If you are looking for more of a challenge, try some of these Crafts from Recycled Items to create art or toys.

Find Out How to Give the Best Birthday Parties Ever!

Thinking about planning a birthday party, but not quite sure where to start?  The first step in planning a great birthday part is to choose a birthday party theme your child loves.  Next is choosing activities for a birthday party and then comes the decisions about party loot bags.   And don't forget to read  tips for planning your child's party.  

The best part about these ideas is they work for any type of kids party, not just birthday parties!


Do your children like pipe cleaners, but aren't sure quite what to do with them.  You'll find ideas for creating people and animal creationsPipe cleaner creatures are easier for younger children.

If there's lots of snow in your neighborhood, try building a Snow Fort or castle.

Need an easy game that you can play anywhere?  The game, 15 seconds, is fun way for kids to get to know each other,  but it helps them learn to think quickly.


Let us know if you use some of these ideas, and what the kids think.  Or have them send in new ideas they would like to share with other families.  If you have a photo, we would like to include it too!  Let us know if you would like to be identified with your idea.  Send your ideas to: Creative Kids at Home

Don't forget to check out the Activity Library for lots of kids crafts and activities.  

Comments (2)


I especially luv the puzzle pieces photo frame!

I am looking forward to making small mini ones,since I have the 1000 pieces puzzle,I intend to throw out.

thanks for the creatie idea :)

I'm impressed by your pipe cleaner creations! I used to just try and twist them using my own hands but with no clear idea of what they can be used for. Thanks for the ideas! They're very useful for creating characters for story-telling for little children. And the children can come up with their own stories too, as they're making them!


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