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May 2009 Newsletter

We're raising butterflies again this year.  There are some great photos and step by step reports in our blog.  You can read all about it and check out the photos of all stages of butterflies.



Make your own Butterflies from paper , or Butterflies from coffee filters .  Another fun idea is make Handprint Butterflies .  Don't forget to try the Caterpillar tree .


Mother's Day

Find out why did we start celebrating Mother's Day.  Looking for ideas of What to do on Mother's Day? Or some ideas of what the children can make for a Mother's Day gift?  There's a new idea to make sponge flowers for a spa gift basket.

Need some suggestions for children who can't be with Mom on Mother's Day?

Science Experiments

Find out what is a polymer, then try making your own flubber.


Teacher's Gifts

It's getting close to the end of the school year for most children.  Check out these ideas for teacher's gifts that your children came make, and their teachers will appreciate!


Sneak Peak for June

Some of our readers work with groups of children and have asked if we could send out the ideas about a month a head of events.  To help them, we're adding a new section to the newsletter which will have a few ideas that will be featured in the next newsletter.

In June, you'll find lots of ideas for Father's Day.


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Great article on the butterfiles. Loved all your pictures. Great work!


Nice post and a cute Newsletter.


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