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Our family plays a lot of board games and have discovered a whole new group called Strategy Games. They're different from games like Monopoly or Life, in that the winning strategy changes each time you play the game. This week, we were playing Amun-Re.

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Amun-Re is based on the nine provinces in the Upper and Lower Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. Each round starts with an auction where you get to decide how much you want to pay to buy one of the provinces. Then you get to build pyramids, or add farmers to your province. More farmers will increase your harvest, but it's only pyramids that count towards game points at the end.

At the end of each round, there is a sacrifice of gold to Amun-Re, one of the Ancient Egyptian gods. The amount of the sacrifice determines the amount of the harvest, and how much gold you'll have in the next round.

This game has many layers of strategy and we're still finding new ways to win. I like to build small pyramids in the first round and save my gold for large pyramids in the second round. My son likes to build one huge pyramid. My daughter goes for lots of farmers so that she always has gold for the next round. A friend of ours saves all his gold to build huge pyramids in the second round.

We never know which strategy will end up with the most points at the end. There are some surprise bonus cards that can be played as the points are being totaled up. Maybe all your provinces are in the Upper Kingdom? Or you have so many farmers that you get the bonus. All kinds of things can change who will be the winner.

The box says the game is for kids 12 and up. If there's an adult around to help understand the game rules in the beginner, much younger children can have lots of fun. My son started playing when he was 6y. We often play it with other 8-9 year olds.


Amun Re Board Game

Amun-Re Board Game

The latest strategy game from Reiner Knizia is set in ancient Egypt. My family loves this game and we've introduced lots of people to this unusual game.  If you are looking for a competitive, non-violent game, Amun Re is a good choice.

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