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Bubble Game

Kids love games. This idea, sent in by one our visitors, puts the children right inside a bubble.

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Bubble Game

"We did a great program where we took a small kiddy pool, put in some patio bricks in a milk container so the kids could stand on it. Filled pool with bubble juice and used a hula hoop to put a bubble over the kids.  They loved it and we got some great pictures with them.

One of the kids blew softly when the bubble was over him and created a bubble within a bubble.  I asked one of the girls if she as tired as this was the 49th time she was in the bubble. She wasn't, but I was.

The next day we put on the program at a preschool chain. They said it was the best program they had ever had."


Save money by making your own bubble solution.

Store the bubble solution and a different group of kids can use it the next day.

Use a vinegar/water spray solution to clean up.  Without this hint, you could have a great big mess.

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