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Everyone loves bubbles. Maybe it's because they float, or shimmer with amazing colors, or maybe it's just because they look magical. Blowing bubbles can interest almost any age group, and work with any size group of kids.

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For my son's second birthday, we had a bubble party.  I made up lots of bubble solution, bought some wands, and let the boys have fun in the backyard.  We put out large, flat containers filled with bubble solution.  All the kids could get to the bubble solution without having to wait for a turn.  For an activity during the party, try putting the kids inside the bubble.

If you want to give prizes, you can have contests for the largest bubble, the most bubbles, the bubble that doesn't pop for the longest time, or bubble that floats the highest.

For younger children, each child can take home a small jar of bubble solution and their favorite wand.

For older kids, turn bubble blowing into a science experiment. Put out the different ingredients for bubble solution, and let them experiment with the different formulas. How do the bubbles change when you add glycerin? Is there a difference between adding sugar or adding honey? Who can create a solution that makes the best bubble? Get the kids to develop the criteria for 'the best bubble' and then they can rate bubbles as part of the experiment.

Take it one step further and have the kids make their own bubble wands as part of the competition.

Blowing bubbles is one of the easiest birthday party activities, and lots of fun for the kids.  But this is much better as a outdoor activity!


huge bubbles for children

You may think that six-inch bubbles are impressive, until you see the SIX-FOOT bubbles your family can make with this plastic and nylon Bubble Thing. Create huge spheres, giant tubes, rainbow-hues towers, jumbo bubbles-inside-bubbles and much more, using ordinary dish soap and water. Includes instructions and solution recipe.

The book explains the science, and the plastic and nylon Bubble Thing creates the magic and fun.

Bubble Book and Bubble Thing

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