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Everyone loves a treasure hunt. Here's a quick an easy treasure hunt that costs almost nothing to put together.

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Find some old yarn of different colors.

Cut each color of yarn into short lengths. Cut enough pieces so that each player can have one of each color.

Each bundle of colored lengths is hidden separately in the playing area (a forest is great for this game) and participants have to find one of each color to collect the whole 'set'.

It's even more fun if one person takes each bundle of colored yarn and hides with it so they can distribute the pieces of yarn one by one when they are found - better yet they could tie the yarn onto the finders' wrists as bracelets.


If you don't have yarn, have the people hiding give each child a word. They can hand out slips of paper, or just tell the kids the word and they have to remember it. Once the kids have all the words, they have to put it together to create a sentence. The sentences could be anything, but the kids will love it if it tells them something they would want to know.

  • Tomorrow's lunch is hot dogs.
  • Bring your bathing suit to go swimming on Friday
  • There's chocolate cake for desert.

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