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This game is a very good way for a groups of people to get to know each other. In no time at all, they will be talking, laughing and sharing information about themselves.

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The ideal group size is about 6-10 people.  If you have more people, divide them into two or more groups.

Then pick a theme and have the group arrange themselves in order creating a continuum.  Give them enough time to sort themselves out before moving to the next continuum.  Always remember that the purpose is to get them talking and learning things about each other.  The goal isn't to create as many continuums as possible.

Start with something simple like age, hair color or height.  Then move on to more interesting topics like east-west by location of birth.  Or try some of these ideas:

  • according the rainbow, by their favorite color
  • months of the year by birthday
  • time they woke up this morning
  • the number of hours since they last watched TV
  • the number of books they read this month

Create your own ideas based on the reason the group has gotten together.  At a summer camp with a drama theme, ask the kids how many plays they've been to in the last six months.  

Try to choose continuums where being at either end is not about accomplishment.  You might want to ask players on a new hockey team how many years they've played hockey, but not how many goals they scored last season.   In a school classroom, you wouldn't ask the kids to arrangement themselves by how many 'A' grades they got last year. 

At the end of the game, everyone should be having fun and learning something about the other people in their group.


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