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Creature Guessing Game

Some car games depend on where your traveling. If the game uses road signs, buildings your drive past, or even license plates, it's not always easy to play the game. Here's an idea that can be used anytime, including short road trips and anytime your children are getting tired of waiting.

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Creature Guessing Game

Type of Game (at least 2 players, no props)

One person goes first and thinks of a living creature.  The second person asks yes or no questions to figure out which creature has been chosen.


  1. Start the game by giving one hint.  "It lives in Africa" or "It is extinct".
  2. Find a few questions that will quickly identify the type of creature.  "Is it a mammal?"  "Can it fly?" or "Does it eat meat?"
  3. Once you know the general type of creature, try to narrow the possibilities.  "Is it brown?"  "Can it swim?"  Is it bigger than a TV?"
  4. If you're playing with more than two people, take turns asking questions.  Whoever guesses the creature gets to pick the next creature.

All the examples on this page are about creatures, but there's no reason you couldn't adapt it to your child's favorite interest (sports, books, cartoon characters, ...)

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