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Dinosaur Dig

My son at age 5 was (and still is at 7) really in love with Dinosaurs. For his 5th birthday, we created a dinosaur dig. The kids really loved it, and it was fairly easy to set up.

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Dinosaur Dig

I bought a plywood Raptor Dinosaur model kit available at toy, hobby, and other stores. Assembled, the dino is about the size of a large dog. It has a lot of parts (almost 100!). Before I did anything else, I used a marker to discreetly number each part, and made a note of the number of parts. You'll understand why in a moment.

Next step was a trip to the local Home Depot. I bought about six or eight bags of sandbox sand. It was DIRT CHEAP!  I also picked up a couple dozen of the throw-away 2" paint brushes.

Back home, I found a nice spot in our backyard. I spread the dino bones around in a small area, and then poured the sand over them. After the party was under way, all the kids we given a brush and sent out on the 'Dino Dig'.

Everyone enjoyed playing in the nice clean sand, and we dug most all the bones up. My count on the bones was short one, which turned out to be a toe bone! I found the toe bone the next day when I was washing the sand into the grass.

Of course our final activity was building the dino. It was great fun, and when we finished we took it outside and painted it with green and silver spray paint.

Thanks to Kenneth Moore for sending in this idea.


3D Wooden Tyrannosaurus Large Puzzle

3D Wooden Tyrannosaurus Large Puzzle

Imagine you are a world famous paleontologist placing together a puzzle from the past. At the excavation site, you unearth a large collection of bones. While re-assembling these pieces from the past, you feel the power of these majestic creatures that roamed the earth over sixty five million years ago. Solving the puzzle is a challenge, but with the assistance of the excavation site map and rock hammer, it is a success! The completed Dinosaur is an awesome sight, astounding you and everyone who sees it. Finished size 53" X 79"

Available in medium size and other dinosaur types too.

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