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Fossil Guessing Game

Kids have to guess what was used to create a fossil.

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Fossil Guessing Game

  1. Make fossils using different or unusual objects.  See the Ideas list if you need some suggestions.  For younger kids, make the fossils fairly easy to recognize.  For older kids, just use part of an object in creating the impression.
  2. Put a number on the back of each fossil and make a list of what was used to create each impression.
  3. Have the kids guess what made the fossil.  Younger children can take turns guessing.  Older children can make a list and see how many they get right.


  • Let an older sibling make the fossils if it is a game for a younger child's party.
  • If the fossils are difficult to guess, you could have the objects out and see if the kids can match the object to the fossil.
  • Have the kids make their own fossils.  Then they can guess what the other children used to make the fossils.

Ideas for fossils:

  1. Tire tracks from a Hot Wheels car.
  2. Foot prints from a plastic animal.
  3. Use the tines of a fork to create an impression of four lines.
  4. Create a pebbly surface using the skin of an orange.
  5. Coins (from different countries if possible).
  6. Pieces of wool to create a look of fur (wouldn't be in a real fossil, but it looks good).
  7. Make half circles using finger nails.
  8. Create rectangles and squares using lego.
  9. Use part of a running shoe foot print.
  10. A piece of jewelry.

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