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Marbles have been around for thousands and thousands of years.  Early marbles were round rocks that were used in both children and adult games.

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Before you start to play, decide if you are playing friendlies or keepsies.  In a friendly game, everyone takes their own marbles home.  In a keepsies game, it's a competition with the winner taking home all the marbles.
There are many different ways to shoot a marble.  Some players like to create a pocket with their first finger and thumb.  The marble is nestled in the pocket and then shot by flicking the thumb.  Others like to form a pocket with all their fingers.  Some players like to the marble on the ground and flick it with their first finger.
There is no right way to shoot a marble.  Sometimes the rules of the game will determine how you shoot.  Whatever method works best for you is the one you should use.

You can play marbles inside or out of doors.  Some people like playing on linoleum or tile, others like playing on a smooth carpet.  If you are playing outside, try to find a smooth, flat surface away from a road or busy driveway.  Outside you can use chalk to draw boundaries for your game.  Inside, try using tape or thin thread.

Circle Marble Game

Create a circle which will be the playing board.  All players must shoot from outside the circle.

  1. Every player contributes 4 marbles that are placed randomly inside the circle.
  2. Decide who goes first.
  3. The player shoots a marble into the circle and tries to knock at least one marble out of the circle, while leaving the shooter in the circle.  If the player is successful, they claim any marbles knocked out of the circle and take another turn.
  4. A player's turn ends when no marble is knocked out of the circle  OR  the shooter rolls out of the circle.
  5. Whoever ends up with the most marbles wins.


Find out how to make your own marble games



Young and old have been shooting marbles for thousands of years.  Now you can share all the fun with your children.  Clear, detailed instructions make it easy to remember all the games.

Marbles 101 Ways to Play


Big Box of Marble Games Big Box of Marble Games

Slide open the lid on this sturdy wooden storage box to open up an entire world of fun marble games! This set contains a marble mat, marble arch board, marble shooter, mini croquet, skittles, die, cloth bag, a mess of marbles, and instructions for several great games.

Big Box of Marble Games

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