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Name Game

The Name Game is perfect for any time a group of kids meet for the first time, or even when a new comer joins an established group.

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Name Game

  1. Sit in a circle and the leader will start and finish the game.
  2. Ask everyone to pick a word that starts with the same sound as their first name.  The word may or may not describe the person.
  3. The leader says the word he or she picked and then their own name.  (Silly Susan )
  4. The person sitting on the leader's left goes second and says the leader's name and then adds their own (Silly Susan, Daring Darlene).
  5. Keep going around the circle until it gets back to the leader, who has to do the whole group!

This game is easier than it sounds and a lot of fun.  Encourage the person whose turn it is to try to do it on their own, but people do offer help or clues if someone gets stuck.

By the time the leader has finished, a few of the kids on the left side of the circle may want to try to do the whole circle too!

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