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Popcorn is a an easy game that can be used any time you have a reasonably large group (minimum about 10 people) and a few minutes of time to fill. There's no equipment needed and almost no preparation. Works great if you're at an all day event with a group of kids and there's a delay in the schedule.

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Everyone mills around in the playing area, you could be moving to music, or whatever, so long as people are mixing around.

The leader then calls out a number and an object. Participants quickly form groups of that number, then use their bodies to make the object. For example, "2, rocking chair!" and you'll suddenly see pairs forming themselves into rocking chairs.

Once everyone's made their object and have been suitably congratulated, then it's time for more mingling and the next object!

Some guaranteed hits:

  • washing machine
  • hot air popcorn popper
  • toaster
  • car
  • piano
  • waterfall
  • old oak tree
  • eagle
  • elephant

You can always end with "Everyone, roller coaster!"


Each time the players form a group, it must be with new people.  Once they have formed 4-5 objects, then start the second phase.  Call out the object again.  They have to find the same group and recreate their object.

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