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Sculpture Gallery

Get everyone's creative juices flowing with this project. It's amazing to see what kids can produce just by using the materials at hand.

If you are in an environmentally sensitive area, please be sure to talk about how to treat the items and make sure everything is returned.

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Sculpture Gallery

Create a sculpture using whatever objects you can lay your hands on.  Have participants work in small groups for a specified period of time to create a sculpture. It's nice if the groups can have some distance between them.

Having a theme helps to get the creative juices going, something suited to the group and celebration.  It could be summer, wildlife, gardens, games, or any ask the group to come up with their own theme.

When time is up, go on a gallery tour and have the each group explain their sculpture to the other participants. No prizes needed here - participants are always interested to see what the other groups have been up to.

This is a great activity on the beach or in the forest.

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