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Theme Names

This is a game that my Guides play and surprisingly for a quiet, sit down game, they love it! It's a good game for new people to learn names, listening and logical puzzle solving.

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Theme Names

  1. Pick a theme.  We'll use flowers in this example, but it could be anything (healthy living, birds, chocolate bars, insects, cars, city names, ...).
  2. Each child has to think of a flower that will become part of their name for this game (e.g. Debbie Daisy).  Some children may want their flower to start with the same letter as their name, others may not.
  3. Each child will quietly tell their name to an adult who writes down the whole list. There can be NO doubles.  Everyone needs to be different!!
  4. The children sit in equal teams facing each other.
  5. The adult will read out the names in random order to the group.  It's more fun if you don't just go through each team.
  6. Pick a child who will start the game.
  7. This child chooses a member of the opposite team and tries to guess their flower name.
  8. If she guesses right, the child from the opposite team comes and joins her team and the first child gets to pick another person and try to guess her name.
  9. When she guesses wrong, she goes and joins the opposing team and the child whose name she tried to guess next.
  10. Once everyone is on one side, that team is the winner.

Usually the girls will first try to win back their own team mates who have been 'stolen' before starting to guess names of the opposite team.


Thanks to Gemma B. for sending in this game idea.

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